Lost – Three Minutes


With the finale come and gone – and this being the last observation to post before I can delve into the vast treasure trove of riches that ‘Live Together, Die Alone’ offered up, I’ll do a quick flyby on this episode and post my thoughts on the latter episode shortly. Which of course, brings me to a summer spent away from the tube – giving my fingers a much needed rest and allowing my brain to focus on more original Blog fodder (although, if CBS decides to go through with Big Brother IX – Bird Flu House, then I might be tempted for an early return).

1. So this episode essentially acts as the bridge from ‘?‘ to the two-part season finale ‘Live Together, Die Alone’ meaning the bulk of the time is spent setting the table for next week’s episode. This episode echoes the Tailie-centric ep ‘The Other 48 Days’ from earlier in the season, with the flashbacks used to bring us up to speed on Michael’s whereabouts over the past 10 episodes. We quickly learn that Michael, having run off into the jungle looking for Walt, came upon an Other taking a leak and was quickly captured by Weird Bear a.k.a. Zeke a.k.a Dave. (That’s the benefit of writing this after watching the finale. It’s kinda’ like being Nostradamus. First I’ll guess Others’ real names (Klugh is Bea) then I’ll put a dime down on the Cubbies.)

2. Michael is then brought to some ram-shackle shanty-town on a seaside expanse of rock. Knowing what we do from Claire’s ‘Maternity Leave’, the audience can see through the seabillies’ clever facade, although Michael is completely fooled. A couple weeks back he told Jack that the Others could easily be taken. They live in tee-pees. They survive on fish. They are barely armed (“two armed men guarding a door”). So – he may be a cold-blooded psycho killer but at least he’s no fibber. Way to go, Mike. Honesty is indeed the best policy. Well, either that or busting a cap in poor defenseless Ana-Lucia. Hey, you make an omelet…

3. The title ‘Three Minutes’ refers to the time granted Michael to visit with Walt. In that time, Walt confirms what we already know… “they’re pretending.” He also gets nailed with a cryptic warning from Mrs. Klugh (pronounced Clue) – “we’ll send you to the room again.” What’s in that room? If it’s anything like the whitewashed cell that dude Leech gets to hang in, in X3: The Last Stand, it ain’t so bad. It’s even decked out with an X-Box 360. Oops, sorry!!! I always get my mutant kids with weird psychic powers mixed up.

4. The two meetings with Mrs. Klugh were especially potent. In the first, Michael gets interrogated – with Mrs. Klugh rattling off a series of questions regarding Michael’s relationship to Walt. I love the line “for a guy who really wants to get his son back, you really don’t know much about him.” Of course, that’s trumped by the query “Has Walt ever appeared somewhere he shouldn’t be?” - which ties in neatly with the teases we’ve had regarding Walt’s ‘special’ strengths. The kid can conjure polar bears. Phase through walls. Telepathically send his lifeforce to warn people in danger. Speak backwards - (OMG finally someone who can translate everything that Twin Peaks’ midget said in The White Lodge – I’ve been waiting 15 years for this). Essentially, Walt is every X-Man rolled into one – well, except Nightcrawler, who has the power to BAMF out of an entire flick.

That’s enough for this episode. I’m just spinning my wheels here trying to keep the continuity. Let’s move on to the real deal. Next up - ‘Live Together, Die Alone’. 

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