This week, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3), is being held in Los Angeles. Running from May 10 – 12th, this annual convention is the spot where all the hot new video games are announced. The big news comes early in the week as the big three – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony – hold pre-show press conferences to unveal their grand plans. I plan to post Asides on all the latest news and will wrap it up with my thoughts in a traditional Blog at the end of the week. First up, Sony and the Playstation 3.

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  • The only games I’m currently anticipating are JAWS Unleashed (which was announced last year), Halo 3, and the Hellboy game, though it appears it may only be a cell phone game. I’m interested in Superman Returns, too.

  • JAWS has been delayed a number of times. Sometimes – that’s not good. I read a few previews that said it was rogh around the edges – however the team that made it made the great Ecco the Dolphin game for the Sega Saturn – which created a realistic 3D undersea world – so who knows.

    There may be two Halo games – Halo 3 (rumored for a March 2007 release) and Halo Forerunners – which could best be described as an MMOFPS – Everquest as first person shooter in the Halo universe.

    Another game to keep an eye on. Mass Effect. It is a new RPG from Bioware (the creators of KOTOR, Jade Empire) and is due on 360 this fall.

    Also – look for Gears of War – another 360 exclusive – which looks like a 3rd person Halo – only darker.

    Finally, Remedy, the guys behind Max Payne, have a new property – Alan Wake (A.Wake) – which is described as a Max Payne-Twin Peaks mash-up.

    Microsoft has their conference at 3 p.m. EST today. We’ll see!!!

  • I’ve heard of Alan Wake. I’m interested, but need to read more. Oh, and I need an Xbox 360.

    JAWS may be a little rough, but it’s also only going to be $30, and diehard JAWS fan that I am, I can’t resist the urge to buy the first JAWS game since that old NES game based on JAWS the Revenge (also not the best game, but I played the hell out of it). Besides, you get to play the shark and eat people–that rocks.

    MMOFPSs aren’t anything new–Planetside has been around for years–but I’m sure Halo would become the most popular one.

  • I just watched the Halo 3 trailer on ign.com. Yes, my friend, you need a 360.

    You have until 2007 though – so that’s a plus.

  • I just read this on Gamespot (taken from the Konami conference):

    “Ah, a Hellboy game, coming in 2007. Is there a new Hellboy movie coming out? The game is for 360, PS3, and PSP.”

    For the love of Luigi, get a 360 already!!!

  • Yeah, just so we can see if you can back up past smack talk about being a good Halo player. 🙂

    I am a Bioware bitch, so I can’t wait for Mass Effect and of course, I can’t wait for Halo 3. Gears of War and Splinter Cell round out my list of games for which I am impatiently waiting…

  • Oh, and as for being a good Halo player, forget that. I was never a great Halo player. Frankly the only thing I ever mastered–and I’d still take on all comers now–was the original Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64.

  • Hmm… I recall a conversation on your parent’s back deck where you were proclaiming to be an expert with the sniper rifle. Either way, you can join the DumbGuy clan when you get one. We’ll take anybody! 😀

  • Oh, well I’m not bad with a sniper rifle when I actually get to use it. I should clarify: I have dead-shot aim, but have a tough time under pressure. Give me a second to ease into it and it’s head shot every time. I was probably bragging about the time I got a headshot across the entire Blood Gulch in Halo 1 when I couldn’t even see my target (I screenwatched their position near a rock and aimed accordingly).

    In multiplay with real players, I generally I find I get off maybe one shot before someone slams me in the back of the head.