24 – Day 5 3:00 – 4:00 a.m.


May Sweeps. We’re hitting the final stretch. With just 4 eps left including this one, there appears to be too little time to take down each bad guy that has cropped up over the season. I’ll spend some time on each of the loose-ends and perhaps throw a prediction out as to how I see them being tied up.

On to Hour 21.

1. Before I cover each tentacle in Logan’s Legion of Doom, I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend a few words talking about Jack’s impromptu landing of a passenger plane on a stretch of L.A. freeway followed by his great escape from the Marines sent to retrieve him and the recording. With marshal law clearing the streets of the typical LA congestion – and a little assist from the CGI rendering moxie of a PowerMac – Jack brought the bird to rest on the road and fled the scene before Logan’s heroes could snatch him. This season has held its fair share of over-the-top action scenes, and this sequence was so preposterous it left me with a great, goony grin. It was the sort of stunt that the Bond series has pulled off for years – and it works well within this brand of alternate reality espionage. Well done.

2. Bringing us to Logan. With the news of Bauer’s escape, Logan is called upon by Evil Opie (as I’ll start referring to Graham since actor Paul McCrane bears such an uncanny resemblance to Ron Howard). Both men decide that a trial would be devastating to the U.S. government. This leads to a bravura sequence of acting on behalf of Gregory Itzbin – who proceeds to his office, pulls out a bottle of Scotch and a .45 caliber chaser. Of course, the clock is still ticking and before Logan can finish the deed, he gets a call from that Homeland Security weasel Miles (which I just realized is an anagram of Slime) offering to destroy the evidence. Within one unbroken shot, Logan’s whipped dog morphs back into the loathsome jellyfish we all love so much. I predict, Logan is exposed and ousted by season end and Evil Opie goes all shadow government on us.

3. Not much was seen of Henderson – although we did catch a glimpse of his chromedome in the trailers for next week’s episode. Henderson spouts some dire warning about the bad guys know how to hurt Jack. Great!!! And here I thought we had said goodbye to Kim for the season. I predict Henderson’s early season statement that he kept a close eye on Kim when he thought Jack was dead gets interpreted literally and we discover her shrink, Ponyboy, is in league with the villains. You don’t invest good coin on C. Thomas Howell without seeing some dividends.

4. While perusing the litany of villains, Vlad Bierko made a brief cameo, as Karyn Hayes monitored his transfer from CTU to a heavily armed convoy tasked with transporting him to a secured holding facility. The scene held on Bierko a little too long – and that knowing wink the driver gave him – leads me to believe that the great, proud tradition of CTU moles lives on. I predict Bierko escapes and strikes at Logan. Wait, now I have to change the Logan prediction. I’m onto something. The mole is tasked by Evil Opie’s organization to free Bierko in order to allow Bierko access to assassinate Logan. That’s the plan.

5. Jack got a few moments of downtime with Audrey – allowing him to show his tender side. Although, when he told her to close her eyes, the last thing I expected was the 24 version of the Armageddon animal cracker scene. I thought he was gonna cold-cock her. As much as Jack probably deserves a little R & R, I just get the nagging urge to shout “THERE’S NO TIME!!!” when ever he cops a squat. I predict Kim lives and Audrey dies.

6. Oh – I forgot. Secretary Heller is alive but in critical condition. I think he wakes up briefly, cryptically utters the word “Michael” which gets misinterpreted by his doctor, and then fades away. Wait! Wrong show.

I get so Lost sometimes.

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