Speak n’ Spell


They’re A – E – I – O – U.
They’re the vowels.
They’re the glue.

That’s a few lines from Leap Frog’s Talking Words Factory DVD – a disc that is in heavy rotation in my home, as Colin absolutely adores Leap, Tad, baby sis Lilly and the rest of the amphibious alphabet aficionados. Yup, alliteration gets strong play as well. Anyway, here’s a cute story that I have been meaning to pass along on these pages over the past several weeks.

One afternoon, I spied Colin hard at work in the kitchen. He was a little man on a mission – going through the cabinets that we allow him access to (basically the Tupperware cabinet, the plastic utensil drawer and the compartment where we keep our bonesaw) looking for the utensils that would help serve this latest bout of make believe play. First he grabbed a bowl. Then some magnetic letters off the fridge. Finally a spoon. Using my finely honed skills of deductive reasoning, I assumed he was toiling away over a fine broth of alphabet soup – just like the kind Mama McNabb used to make. Of course, here’s where patented women’s intuition trumps dumb guy prognostication any day. Having turned my back, Colin managed to snag a few secret ingredients to add his own special kick to the concoction.

A short while later, I returned to the kitchen and found Colin’s bowl situated smack dab in the middle of the floor, the chef nowhere in sight. While the cat’s away!!! I admit, I was curious – and a bit hungry (a few sips of ‘H’ and ‘Z’ would certainly stick to my bones – seeing as how they’re coated in adamantium and all.)

Anyway, inside the bowl, I spied a swampy stew of water, brown sugar and five refrigerator magnets. I immediately tossed aside my Cherry Red Kangol in favor of my Dad Hat. It was time to go to work. I pulled Colin over and instructed him that he needs to have Daddy or Mommy present when he wants to use ‘special ingredients’ (as someone needs to be around to stop these madcap schemes).

Midway through the lecture, Andi popped in, heard what I had to say, offered up a boisterous ‘AMEN TO THAT’ and decided to check out Colin’s creation for herself. (Yeah, I saw her licking her lips.) Something stopped her dead in her tracks. Motioning for me to join her in front of the bowl, I sauntered over and directed my peepers towards her gaze. In the bowl, buried within the mass of sucrose and agua, were the letters A – E – I – O – and U. I thought, “Damn, the boy knows his vowels. That’s pretty damn’ impressive.”

Andi went one step further. Having watched The Talking Words Factory 16,312 times since the Spring Equinox, she had the aforementioned lyrics tattooed upon her brain.

They’re A – E – I – O – U.
They’re the vowels.
They’re the glue.
They stick the words together.

He was taking the vowels and quite literally, making them sticky, all the better for making words with. Ya’ ask me, that’s some fairly sophisticated logic for a two-year old.

Anyway – between eps of The Backyardigans, I now have Colin logging 16-hour days working out his theory on the impact of Subatomic Quasars on Fluctuating Proton Inhibitors.


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  • Fairly sophisticated is right, though not unexpected. After all, here’s a kid that at two years old has already summed up the history of 20th century music in one very bold, very incisive, yet UNDENIABLE truth… yes, it does all go back to Styx.

  • That’s a great story and as usual, your description brought lots of chuckles. Colin is one smart little boy and I’m proud to say he got it all from his Aunt Noelle! 😉