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Here’s a quick little ditty (my larger 24 post can be found below). I just wanted the share the following pics and perform a little drive-by observation. First up,

Monkey in the Middle


A prize to the first reader who can identify the monkey in this picture. Oh, forget it… I can’t help spoiling it. The monkey’s in the middle. The other two are chimps.

Johnny From Burger King


This is a shot from a tailgating to remember. When Sean and I scored tix to the Pats this past December, we remembered all of the essentials: beer, grill, meat. The only thing we forgot were those ancillary little devices that allow the main course to function. So there we were with a grill but no lighter, beer with no bottle opener and meat with no spatula. Applying a little McGuyver moxie we decided to borrow some dude’s ten-cent Bic, use the grill to open our beer bottles (a fool proof plan until the grill temperature rose to something approaching ‘inner sun’) and tear a cardboard flap off the beer carton to use as a makeshift spatula. Apparently we became the pre-game show as this gaggle of goons delighted in watching us for the better part of an hour before they tired and offered up “If you guys don’t know any more tricks, you can use our stuff.” Sean offered up some bizarre ping-pong ball talent – but they politely declined and passed along the utensils.

The Truth Was Out There


Great. So extraterrestrial intelligences more advanced than our feeble intellects could ever aspire to finally make first contact with us, and I pull a Cheney and take a few pot shots at them.

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    1. I gotta go with Mookie on that one. He’s a hairy devil.
    2. I think the cardboard spatula added a little fiber to those burgers.
    3. Still love those Foo pictures. Maybe I should post those as a little gallery some day.