Picture Pages – Volume II


Here’s another round of random shots coupled with my snide observations (call it a snark attack.) I had to lead with that human Beanie Baby as that pic is just too damn great to go to waste. Thanks to this website, no way in hell Mook ever becomes your Congressman. Actually, thanks to this website, there’s probably no way in hell Mook ever climbs the corporate ladder at Orange Julius.

If The French Won The Civil War

Sir No-Pantsalot.JPG

Yup, that’s our resident fly boy Dana in the role he was born to play – Sir NoPantsaLot. I call him a flyboy because for those that don’t know him, Dana is an accomplished pilot whose one misstep was when he flew the Kobyashi Maru in 3.2 parsecs but lost his wingman Goose while pulling off an inverse Immelman. Anyway, this shot was taken at my Renaissance-themed wedding.

In Search Of…


One of these days I am going to exhaust my photo supply of extraterrestrial extracurricular activities and finally get around to showing y’all my run in with Sasquatch. Until then, here’s a shot of a Grey waiting impatiently for me to quit yacking so he can dial 10-10-220 and save a bunch of change. (…and somewhere in West Hollywood a despondent David Arquette turns his frown upside down as another 10-cent royalty check comes rolling in).


Oh, Here’s That Yeti Pic


… and look, they’re mating.

Dog Star


Ya’ gotta see this bitch freestyle wrap. What!!! Bitch is the name for a female dog. That little tidbit of information is all I got out of those obedience classes – and it only cost me $500 bucks. That and a handful of Snausages.


True story. After Abby swam over to the raft (first one to drop a dog paddle reference goes to Dairy Queen) – she lay there floating with me for the better part of a half hour. As we drifted (our combined weight dropping my ass dangerously close to snapping turtle snipping distance) a guy on a pontoon boat slowly motored by taking in the scene. Finally – after the image was tattooed upon his brain – he offered the only comment one could make when confronted with such a bizarre scene.

“That’s the damned craziest thing I ever done seen.”

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  • That will teach Mookie right for saying your blog was full of old content and boring TV reviews…