Hello Hawkeyes


Well, this is a tough one to write. Some of you may have heard the news already (Andi has been making the rounds) – but I figured I should broadcast this out to the masses, simply because it’s getting so hard to say it in person – one by one.

It appears my promotion at the top of the year was a veritable Trojan Horse – with it came more responsibility and ultimately this latest surprise – I am being reassigned to handle our midwest sector – specifically Des Moines, Iowa. Hence the ‘business trip’ I took back on March 16th. In truth, I was house shopping. Here’s the little starter home we found.


It all became official this past week. Fortunately, we have a few months to get things in order before shipping out to corn central. We’ll make the rounds and talk with each of you and of course swap the essential 4-1-1. In the meantime, anyone looking for swanky digs out in South Central MA – give us a call. This town recently got fire so that’s a huge selling point.

While it is proving especially difficult to leave our beloved Bay State – I think the move to Dudley has helped soften the blow. It seems you can live 90 minutes or 900 miles away from someone – both distances make the daily drop-in an impossible task. On the bright side, we have this Blog, the phone, and good old-fashioned snail mail to keep us in touch with all of our beloved friends and family.

We’ll be in touch soon. And of course, we hope to see y’all in Hawkeye country soon.


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  • Remember, we support everything you guys do. You’ll always have somewhere to stay in MA.

  • The first few months were tough for Stacia and I, but eventually you get acclimated and before you know if, you’re in home sweet home. Glad to see we’re not the only Scoobs displaced.

  • Wow!!! We’re just shocked. Congrats guys. Please stay in touch.

  • “Is this heaven?”

    “No, it’s Iowa?”

    So are you gonna’ regale us with a timely review of Field of Dreams? That movie looks pretty good.

  • Well, having lived in the Midwest for three years myself, I can tell you that you get used to it. I even had a friend from Iowa out there. He was crazy, but entertaining. I can’t say that’s true for all the residents, but it’s all I have to go on.

    You’ll have to post the hell out of flickr with pictures of the kids as they grow so we can all follow along. I’ll miss you guys, but especially my Abby. 😥

    PS – Good thing you can get the Pats and Sox on satellite…

  • Man, I wish I didn’t have to find out like this… but congrats, I guess I’ll have a reason to visit Iowa now…

  • Wow, big news! Best of luck to you guys! Please keep us posted as to whether or not it is possible for Darth Vader to vanish into a cornfield after watching a game with dead baseball players.

  • wow, play phone tag for a week, and miss all the big news.. geesh, I need to go look at a map

  • Hmm. I’m curious, Jeanne, were you really thinking about that for 44 minutes? heh heh 🙂

  • All I know is we have a voicemail with the time stamp 6:22 p.m. from Jeanne and she sounds very concerned.

    Jeanne – Andi is at an all day scrapbooking party (i.e. 1 hour scrapbooking, 8 hours boozing it up) so I’m sure she’ll call you tomorrow when she gets home.

  • Um…

    Funny, but I just can’t seem to get any words out right now… Shock has officially taken over.