Casting Call Day 3 – Andi


We come to Day 3 of the Scoob Casting challenge. Thus far, we have successfully cast the roles of Mookie and Joe. Remember – this isn’t a popularity contest. This whole insidious plot is designed to knock these people down a few pegs from their lofty perch above the rest of us common folk. If you feel Mook would be best played by Leatherface, use the Comment section below and let him have it.

Today we audition Andi.

Andi was born and raised in the bustling metropolis of West Bridgewater, MA – a town which sees an equal one donut shop per cop ratio. The town employs 13,125 police officers. Andi showed real musical talent early in her life – migrating from lead roles in school musicals to touring around the world with the Bridgewater State College Alumni Chorale and culminating in a rousing rendition of Shaft! on the revamped Soul Train. The aforementioned global tour allowed Andi to sing before many world dignitaries including stops at the Vatican for Pope John Paul, at Red Square in front of Mikhail Gorbachev and in Venezuala before an audience of Pele, Eva Peron and Shakira. Post graduation, Andi toiled at a mutual fund company for several years. Although the time spent there was taxing on a soul seeking more creative outlets – she found the experience worthwhile for two reasons: it is at Company X that she met the love of her life (Ed) and also, through a few covert market-timing transactions, she single-handedly toppled the entire regime (allegedly!) These days Andi spends the great deal of her time raising and nurturing their two beautiful children, Colin and Aria, and finds she can’t compose a sentence without the words pee-pee or potty somewhere within.

Who Should Play Andi In The Feature Film

The Ed Zone selects Helen Hunt.


Who Will Play Andi In The Feature Film selects Holly Hunter (Also in a strange bit of cosmic kismet, Gabrial Byrne came up. He was one of my top matches as well. Guess this puts that theory of married couples looking like each other to shame. We don’t look like each other. We all look like Gabrial Byrne.)


Which Celebrity Does Andi Most Resemble

With Andi’s all-day 24 hour potty talk, we’ve had the FCC down on our ass (oops, I mean bum-bum) more times than I can count. Add that to my twice daily wardrobe malfunctions and these fines are getting outrageous. So, while Andi moves her act to Sirius, we’ve cast about for the person with the personality most like Andi. Playing the role of Andi, please give it up for the verbal stylings of:


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  • Hmm… yeah, Helen Hunt is a good choice, but we have to go with her around the time of Mad About You. If you’ve seen her lately, she’s not aging well, but not so well that, er, well…

    So, I have to go with Patricia Arquette on this one. I’m thinking circa True Romance. She and Andi aren’t dead ringers or anything, but she’s always reminded me of PA.

  • Oh and Sean, I had to look up who PA was. Brad Pitt and Christian Slater! I could deal with that role. Anyway, I was thinking she looked older, but yah, I can see it. She is 10 years older than me, so I guess it makes sense that she looks it. Scary to see how many more rinkles I will have by then and I won’t have experts doing my makeup to cover them! True Romance was 13 years ago too, so I guess you got the timing right also.
    Can’t wait to see what he comes up with for you!

  • I think Patricia Arquette is a good one..

    Something else they have in common besides blonde good looks: Andi was also once married to Nicolas Cage.. but,that’s another blog post for another time. 🙂