Casting Call Day 2 – Joe


Here we are – Day 2 of the Scoob Casting challenge. I have added a few more people to the list so this will stretch a little further. Remember – this isn’t an exact science. Feel free to post your ideas on who these meatbags actually resemble.

Today we tackle Joe.

Once again, for those new to this, be sure to check out the primer on how this daily post works. Our Day 1 contestant, Mookie, can be found here.

Joe was born and raised in the one stop light frontier town of Granby, MA where he spent his formulative years aiding the founding fathers in their quest for fire. He enrolled in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1892 (at that time, Southbridge Agricultural College) – where he studied bull neutering and quantum physics. In 1993, he graduated RA Emeritus (Resident Assistant for Life). Post graduation, Joe pursued an illustrious career with the esteemed Bradlees’ Department Store. As with that chain’s propensity for offering cheap knock-off clothing (faux-Dickies, mock mock turtlenecks), Joe found the glass ceiling was actually plexiglass and bang away at it as long as he might – he would never break through. Fortunately, salvation soon arrived behind the wheel of a cherry ’95 Brilliant Blue Dodge Neon – as his old college pal Ed offered Joe a job at Putnam Investments. In his spare time, Joe enjoys parrots, peglegs, downloading eps of So noTORIoius, plundering booty and other piratey pursuits.

Who Should Play Joe In The Feature Film

The Ed Zone selects Miguel Ferrer (Crossing Jordan, Robocop.)


Who Will Play Joe In The Feature Film selects Bill Paxton?!?!? (Is MyHeritage a front for the grassroots Chet for President campaign?)


Which Celebrity Does Joe Most Resemble

All in all, the Paxton pick is frankly bizarre. That’s three times in two days (he also came up 98% when I ran Chatham through the ringer.) But as we all know, looks aren’t everything. One needs to look with better eyes than that – to discern the true beauty within. On the surface, Joe may seem a quiet, contemplative bald guy but inside Joe lies this bellowing beast. Chew on this:


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  • So, I logged on to My Heritage again today to continue my experiment, but the site seems to be down for maintenance. Now, I don’t know if it is conincidence or not, but running Mookie and Joe thru the system may have caused some kind of malfunction. I’m just saying…

    Then again, maybe the malfunction is that Chet is too high on the hit rate. Although, I didn’t get him with any of the pictures I tried for me. I forgot to mention that I got Chow Yun Fat on one, so that’s pretty cool.

  • Man, I’ve been thinking this one over all day. I keep coming up with other bald guys because he’s got a particularly clean dome in that picture up there.

    Michael Chiklis (the Mookie pick)? Howie Mandel? Natalie Portman? No, wait, that’s his pick for those bracket thingies…

    You know what, he looks nothing like him, but he’s old enough, so let’s go with Terry O’Quinn.