Casting Call Day 1 – Mookie


To kick off the Scooby Casting challenge, I decided we needed to open larger than life. What better personality to start with than the guy who consistently vaults the velvet ropes to earn appearance time in most every Blog I write. Hey, I’m just angling to make Mook a household name – anything to bump TomKat off these pages.

For those looking for a primer on how this daily post works, read the post directly below this by scrolling down or clicking here. All others, let’s commence with the Mookie MASH.

Mookie was born and raised in Turners Cove, MA – home of the Green Wave – a mascot which is just slightly a notch tougher than the Middleboro Morning Dew. Mookie attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he majored in Women’s Studies. Realizing quickly that this was not the anatomy class he had imagined, he switched focus to Journalism – a change that would provide the essential skills so integral to his career path that years later would drunkenly amble from Little Caesars to Quick Honda to front-man for Sugar Ray to Orange Julius to some sham of a Texas-based car dealership software company to to Video. In his spare time, Mookie enjoys rainbows, unicorns and stories about long walks on the beach.

Who Should Play Mook In The Feature Film

The Ed Zone selects Garth Brooks.


Who Will Play Mook In The Feature Film selects Bill Paxton.


Which Celebrity Does Mook Most Resemble

All in all, the Paxton pick is a fair match. (Hey, he had a 54% match with Ruben Studdard so I’d say Paxton seems a bit closer to reality.) But as we all know, looks aren’t everything. One needs to look with better eyes than that – to discern the true beauty within. On the surface, Mook may seem an affable, sweet-natured guy but inside Mook lies this bustling hulk, this superego ready to burst forth from the walls that contain him. Inside Mook, this guy is just primed to bust out.



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  • I have to agree with the Ed Zone selection on this one. We’ve always said he’s a Garth clone. Of course, it could just be hardwired in my brain now because of that hat he had.

    I might as well throw the Pillsbury Doughboy out there too. Ah, the return of an old nickname… Doughboy. Heh-Hmm…