Snakes on a Plane

And people complain about the creative process in Hollywood. New Line Cinema has reportedly greenlit a 5-Day period of reshoots on the Samuel L. Jackson vehicle Snakes on a Plane in order to add material to bring the film from a PG-13 rating to an R – citing growing fan fervor. Among the reported additions to the film is a foul-mouthed rant from Jackson in which his character bellows, “I want these motherf**king snakes off the motherf**king plane!” The film-makers have reportedly added more gore, more deaths, more nudity and more snakes to the finished product. This is all from the press release – ya’ can’t make this stuff up.

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  • You’re the second of my blogroll to have a post titled “Snakes on a Plane.”

    Allegedly Jackson told producers he’d star only if they agreed not to retitle the film.

  • Between the Snakes ultimatum and his starring role in The Man, Sammy has some strict career discipline.

  • Well, I love his turns on The Boondocks as Gin Rummy. The use of Pulp Fiction bits as a white wanna-be gangsta are hilarious. It totally makes up for this crap that pays the real bills…

  • Reminds me of the Family Guy gag where Brian is directing pornos in Hollywood, and when the family comes to visit him, Chris wonders aloud if Samuel L. Jackson is in Brian’s movie–because he’s in everything. Cut to Brian directing SLJ in a porno…

  • I have literally seen just one episode of Family Guy in its entirety and it was that episode. I remember it distinctly because John Williams was up for best original score at the Adult Video News awards… and I was pulling for him.