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This week’s Lost was one of those placeholder eps – marking time between the big revelations. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to come across as glib and I appreciate it when the show slows the pace down to deliver some character development – to dwell upon the details – before turning the page and delivering another chapter of mystery. From the teaser for this week’s episode, it appears we are getting a nice batch of big-time revelations to go along with the Claire-centric Maternity Leave. I’ll touch upon the stuff in my observations below, but wanted to say that I found this episode to be a nice way of checking in on the other survivors. With such a large supporting cast – sometimes people get… Lost!

1. The central story focused on Sun and Jin. What a fine job the writers and actor Daniel Dae Kim have done in taking that stereotypical male chauvinist Asian character and provided him with several complex shadings. When Lost first began, Jin was truly loathsome – always putting his wife in her place and combative with the other survivors. Here is a character who has truly benefited from the show’s trademark flashback structure. In prior eps we have learned that Jin was a reluctant enforcer for Sun’s unseen father. Although not much is know, we intuit that her Dad is truly bad – a warlord or mob kingpin – sending the lovelorn Jin on missions that leave him returning home to a distraught Sun, bathed in blood. We’ve also seen how the two met and courted and have even traveled back to Jin’s humble beginnings in a Korean fishing village – the ashamed son of a lowly fisherman – who finally finds purpose in the big city through a chance encounter with the beaming Sun.

2. This latest episode reveals the couple’s prior attempts to conceive a child – one that Jin feels will cement the bond between husband and wife – and may allow Jin to take leave from his father-in-law’s employ – as he feels that a grandchild may make the old man rethink sending him into harm’s way. As Jin intuits, “A Baby will change everything.” The flashbacks dovetail with Jin’s island revelation that she is indeed pregnant. However, the flashbacks also reveal that Jin is impotent and could not conceive the child – as well as provide a glimpse into a potential love triangle – where in the third angle to this tale, we discover how Jin learned English and how that may have translated into her current island predicament.

3. So the question remains, Is Jin the father? – or did Sun, despite her sworn promise – actually conceive the child with her match made English instructor. We’re left in the dark on that, and Sun’s troubled countenance, immediately after telling Jin that he is supposedly impotent yet swearing that she has never been with another guy, just adds more complexity. Leaving me to throw out the following theory.

4. As the ‘Island’ gave the paralyzed Locke the ability to walk again, so too did it offer fatherhood to Jin.

5. When Sun was able to score a pregnancy test off of Sawyer, Andi asked “Who flies with a pregnancy test?” Usually, I offer some sort of jury-rigged answer (when I love a show I become its biggest apologist – the X-Files still owes me big). To be honest, I was stumped. Then Kate voiced the exact same question. So the writers know enough to deride their dramatic license. No answers offered up, but at least they knew we’d all be talking.

6. Check the name on that test – Widemore Laboratories. On a recent Lost podcast – co-creator Damien Lindelof said that a sign for Widemore Construction (in the background of a Charlie flashback) was important to take note of. My guess – Alvar Hanso – the mysterious DHARMA benefactor – is owner and CEO of Widemore Industries (or something like that.)

7. I’d be remiss if I didn’t focus on Henry Gale – the suspected ‘Other’. A few weeks back I theorized that Gale is the “him” that Weird Beard referred to when speaking to Ethan (“Ethan, was I not perfectly clear. You were supposed to make the list then take the girl. How am I gonna’ explain this to him?”) Until that moment, we all thought Creepy Clause was the ringleader of the Others, now we know he answers to a mysterious “him”. From a pure dramatic perspective, I thought it made perfect sense to reveal that Henry is in fact, “him”. That unbeknownst to Jack and Locke, they have all their answers locked in a pantry – yet they are too wrapped up in their private power struggle to recognize it. In this episode, Henry all but comes out and declares his true identity.

8. Having sent Ana Lucia off on a trek (with Charlie and Sayid by her side) to find his downed balloon and therefore prove his story, Henry sketches a chilling hypothesis. Let’s say he were an ‘other’, “what would I do?” he asks. He then goes on to detail a plot to provide a map to Ana Lucia – sending her to a remote location of the island – where cutoff from the survivors, she would be ambushed and then used as trade-bait to free Henry. Henry recounts this ‘scenario’ while casually munching on some DHARMA brand breakfast flakes – and his manner of speaking – with his hushed tone and clipped statements – drains all the air from the hatch. Jack and Locke suddenly realize just how much they’ve been played. There is no doubt. Henry is “him.”

9. Next week’s title is Lockdown. It is Locke-centric (always good). TV Guide says that the Hatch starts taking on a life of its own. The teasers declare 5 huge things happen. My guesses – Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie are captured exactly as Henry described. The blast doors come down – sealing Locke in (as seen in the ad.) Henry gets free. The captured group gets taken to another mysterious installation on the island. With Locke sealed off from the computer, the counter ticks down to zero, those creepy hieroglyphics set in and… that’s all I got.

10. If I get 4 out of 5 predictions right, I’m bringing everyone out to Dairy Queen.

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