Celebrating Aria Leigh


My little girl is so grown up.

Earlier today, we celebrated Aria’s Christening and it was a truly special event. Athough every day I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have such a loving family around me – with my beautiful wife Andrea (Andi) and two adorable children, Colin and Aria – it’s these milestones that seem to magnify everything. Perhaps it’s the fact that the spotlight falls upon my children (on this day – Aria) and our whole little world is watching (with family and friends come forth from near and far) – but it just brings out that proud patriarchal feeling in a Dad. Days like this, you truly feel like a King.

In selecting Aria’s godparents, Andi and I continued our trend of asking a near and dear friend for the honor. We hold a shared philosophy, we choose close friends as we feel that our family members all play select, special roles in our childrens’ lives; whether they be grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This enables us to also invite our friends to play a similar role. As we are honored to have such an amazing group of close knit friends – whom we love with equal measure – the choice has been equal parts no-brainer and difficult with each child.

Two years ago we asked Andi’s lifelong friend Jeanne Fein to be Colin’s godmother and my best bud from those UMASS days (and beyond) Joe Dolat to be the godfather. For Aria, we have asked Andi’s lifelong friend Jen Pope to be godmother and my best bud from my college job days (and beyond) Mark McGrath (a.k.a. Mookie) to be the godfather. We’re so thrilled and touched that they accepted – although I think Mook feels this role gets him some Mafia street cred. He’s such a Sopranos fan, I hate to break it to the guy. So when he tells ya’ he can call in a favor – just humor him. Oh, and if you could look a little frightened, that would just be the icing on the cake. Do that for me, and Joe has some stuff that fell off a truck, that I’ll see makes it your way.


Anyway – the event was amazing – my little girl was beautiful – my little boy was so behaved – my wife and I were beaming – my friends and family surround us…

Days like these… yeah, my life is pretty much complete.


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  • Congrats on such a big day! You are truly blessed. Godfather Mookie, eh? It may be time to “hit the mattresses…”

  • And for the record, I sat through an entire church service, which is something I don’t even do for my own denomination.

    Jesting aside, congrats again Ed. You’ve got some beautiful children and a wonderful family there. May we all be so lucky.

  • Eddie, the pictures are beautiful. I’m so sorry we missed this special occasion.