New Look

As promised, we are continuing to enhance the site – playing around with different layouts until we achieve just the right identity. The prior template was lifted off another site (all purely legit) while this new layout is designed by Sean O’Brien. A couple things of note:

1. Parts of the sidebar you are used to (highlighting recent comments and entries) have been shifted to the bottom of the page. On all other pages besides the Home page, you’ll see the old sidebar on the right.

2. This opens up space on the right for two new Home page features – Flickr photo album and Asides.

3. The Flickr photo album allows you to view select shots and leave comments. It’s the same site where Joe found those Lego pics. I’ll be changing these often, so keep an eye out and click on them to see my full photostream. Many people have written me looking for new shots of Andi and the kids. Here’s where you’ll find that stuff – as well as anything else that graces my viewfinder.

4. Asides provides space for quick hits or driveby’s – small musings that may not merit a full Blog. The section at the bottom contains the most recent Asides as well.

Let us know what you think. Well, that is, everyone but Mr. Cranky.

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  • I’d like to open a checking account…wait a minute, this isn’t Fleet bank…

  • Wait… why is the site designer ridiculing his own site design?

    And besides – that was 3 banks ago. In fact, the former design of this site was Red and Blue – so all we did was degrade from Bank of America to Fleet – which technically, stole the BayBank color scheme.

  • Jeez… are your memories so short? You completely short changed BankBoston, which on the timelime of banking since de-regulation, fell conveniently between Baybank (and Bank of Boston) and Fleet. And if you ask me, the real thief is Citizens, who stole that same color scheme from Bank Boston. It’s a wonder you guys can even function without my wealth of information. Speaking of which, in that same period, the Top Ten credit card issuers have gained control of 90% of the market. Chew on that.

  • I opened my account at BankBoston just after Boston and BayBank merged. I stayed through them as Fleet bought BankBoston and Bank of America bought Fleet. Is there any fish big enough to buy Bank of America? If there is, I need to be prepared to coordinate my website colors.

  • If you guys want to get technical, I think it can be said that BayBank stole their color scheme from the Hartford Whalers… shouldn’t matter anyway though… The only one that really matters, at least to Troy and me, is TD Banknorth.

  • Well, just because I designed it doesn’t mean I can’t poke fun at it. In fact, I think I started the longest Comment thread yet, although people also just started realizing we like them to comment!!! Anyway, I once did a design at work that used orange, blue and gray and that turned into me being accused of being a Broncos fan. They had just released their new uni’s. So, I suppose I am jumping the gun as it hit me that’s what the scheme reminds me of and I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a Fleet fan (although I have been a loyal customer since the BayBank days). If anyone really cares, the colors were chosen because they go well together and happen to be the blog owner’s favorites…