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Lego Duck Hunt

There is no limit to the level of craziness one can find on the Internet. Sure, the Web is often on the business end of criticism – leveled at the unbridled flow of smut and salaciousness that spreads it’s viral tendrils throughout – but if this pic and the others at this guy’s Flickr site prove anything – the ‘net can be a great paeon to impressive strokes of creativity. I mean, Lego Duck Hunt. Why didn’t I think of that.

There’s a humorous story behind this. I like to kid our pal Jen Pope – or JPo (let it be forever known that it was I who gave her that lifelong nickname). Anyway, I bust on her for her uncanny ability to locate the strangest of the strange in cyberspace – and her unbridled passion to not only find such oddities, but to insure they get forwarded along and seared upon our peepers.

Anyway, Andi received a link from Jen the other day, that brought her to some video of four infant quadruplets laughing in unison at their offscreen Dad. The video looked like something you’d see on America’s Funniest Home Video – minus the grating Bob Saget commentary. And… it was funny. Still, I thought about it, and wondered – how in the hell did Jen find this? I mean, who Googles “infant quadruplet comedy routines”?

So I told Mook about this and mentioned that once upon a time, Joe was the undisputed heavyweight champion of random web surfing. Now, I declared, Jen claimed rightful heir to the throne.

Moments later I arrived at work and found the image below (Lego Katamari Damacy) awaiting me in my e-mail, forwarded by Joe the night before. Ladies and gentleman, the return of the king.

Lego Katamari Damacy

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  • Okay, I refuse to believe that Joe’s Legos trump my simultaneously giggling quadruplets.. I will not relinquish the throne..

  • Giggling quadruplets or not…you have a LONG way go to catch up to me in inane websurfing : ) Throne is mine

  • Such a dubious distinction for you all to be fighting over… I mean seriously, there’s enough random garbage on the Internet for both of you. I will say this though… Only one of the aforemantioned parties has managed to send me in the past week alone:

    – A trailer for Brokeback to the Future
    – A link with information to talk to a real person at the both the Diner’s Club and Beechnut, among other places
    – An e-mail with the subject header “K-Fed’s important message to the world”

    And most regrettably, one of those e-mail forward questionairres where you tell your friends about yourself.

    Enjoy the throne, J-Po!

  • Actually – if the distinction is proof that no work is being done at the job and getting ‘acquainted with the unemployment line’ is in the winner’s future… then I guess she can have the throne : )

  • Geez… Such controversy stemming from sweet, innocent Lego Katamari Damacy. It’s a good thing I didn’t post those Too Hot for Ed Zone shots of Lego Grand Theft Auto: Bionicle Beach.