Catch of the Day

Tickle Time

I’ll be relatively brief with this update. Some pics just need to be shared – specifically those that could swim back around in the inevitable legal proceedings. Pictured here are my two beautiful children, Colin (2) and Aria (8 months). Oh and that big galoot – that’s my close friend Joe, who I’ve known since our UMASS days.

We chose Joe as Colin’s godfather two years ago. Thus Joe takes it upon himself to shake Colin down for lunch money every time he sees him.

I have half-a-mind to contact our 5′ 8″ pal Rich, who works for the Department of Social Services in Western Mass – however I’m a bit apprehensive as Rich runs an online bookstore on the side and the popular theory to how he manages to package so many orders is that he leverages his powers as DSS lackey to liberate children from their homes and put them to work packing copies of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Try to imagine the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where Indy helps liberate all those children slaving away in the temples caverns – only in this case, it’s Short Round that’s running the sweatshop.

Anyway, I kid Joe. He’s a great Godfather and thanks to his advanced age, I’m sure he’ll read this and forget all about it a few moments later.

Catch of the Day