24 – Day 5 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

24 logoI said it before it and I’ll say it again, this season is firing on all cylinders. Why some people can see fit to designate How I Met Your Mother as appointment viewing – while neglecting the well choreographed chaos that 24 delivers weekly – is truly beyond me. We’re 9 hours in and all ready I am poised to declare this as ‘BEST SEASON… EV-ERRRR!!!’ (to be read in your best Simpson’s Comic Book Store Guy accent.)

All right. That’s enough Sean-baiting for now (I don’t need this site suffering strange catastrophic ‘breach of bandwidth’ errors). On with the show.

1. Great way to begin an ep and introduce the Big Bad. Within the course of the opening 4 minutes, we get a montage of hits being carried out on all those connected with former White House mole Walt Cummings (I say former because the only place he’s tunneling is six feet under). This leads to an attack on the ‘blue room’ – so named because every time we cut to Walt receiving his marching orders from his mysterious benefactor, said evil guy was in this room, bathed in blue light and surrounded by computer monitors. This all leads to the reveal of Bierko – a Russian billionaire (played by Julian Sands) – with a serious grudge against Moscow.

2. Through these initial movements, we find out that our shadow guy is actually named Nathanson – a fellow ‘patriot’ who helped orchestrate the plan to dupe the Chechnyan rebels with government funded nerve gas. Nathanson? And with that goes my theory that he is the VP. By the end of the hour, Nathanson is dead, shot down by Bierko’s commandos. But not before he is able to pass along a secret chip to Jack and the warning that Cummings is not the only mole in the White House.

3. On Bierko – great casting in Sands. Actually, when I first heard Sands was cast as the baddie, I suppressed a shudder as the painful memory of several bad Direct-to-Video Warlock flicks ran through my noggin. For those that don’t know him, Sands was the Euro trash pretty boy with flowing golden locks who co-starred in any number of awfulness during the late 80’s and early 90’s – including the aforementioned Warlock flicks and the abysmal Boxing Helena. Sands himself is a decent actor but he’d seemingly do anything for the cash. Let’s say you are looking to cast the role of Snakehead in The Medallion and you can’t land Jeremy Irons. Then Sands is your bloke. Not to worry – the newly shorn Sands seems primed to be a great adversary for Bauer.

4. President Logan’s quote of the week (to Mike Novick): “I’m not talking to a terrorist. You talk to him.”

5. Poor Samwise. It’s bad enough he got jacked of his CTU keycard by his dope fiend sis and her sinister accomplice – now everyone within CTU is playing a little game of keepaway from Lynne – as they transfer phone calls, delete records and divert his attention from the fact that unlike this loathsome little Napoleon, they are trying to actually get some work done. The idea that Lynn is on the business end of a brow-beating from Logan (finally, someone Logan is not afraid of confronting) – reveals how low Rudy has fallen. Next week, it appears our beloved Goonie tries to have all of CTU locked up for keeping secrets. 20 canisters of nerve gas prowling the countryside and Lynn is ticked he didn’t receive his Evite to the company picnic.

6. Poor Curtis. Charged with bringing Bauer back into the office (just as Bauer receives a hot tip from Nathanson) – Curtis ends up in a Suplex and is knocked unconscious. Bauer then leaves him laying on the side of the road as he jacks his Escalade. All in the middle of a fairly menacing neighborhood. Am I the only one who feared Curtis would be stripped for parts.

Next week, Jack yells ‘THERE”S NO TIME!!!’

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  • Two comments:

    1. Obviously you need to brush up on your wrestling moves. I mean, seriously, who confuses a suplex with a sleeper hold? A suplex involves lifting and dropping one’s adversary… quite impossible within the friendly confines of a vehicle. A sleeper hold, on the other hand involves wrapping one’s arm around an adversary’s neck tightly enough to make them pass out.

    2. As for the mole in the white house… it’s obviously the first lady’s assistant. Anyone who can’t see that needs to seriously re-consider how they spend their Monday nights. First of all, think of all the face time she’s gotten without necessarily moving the plot forward… second of all, she was a little too eager two weeks ago to find out what the president/staff “knew”. Let me boldly predict here that she dies at the hand of the first lady herself in hour 22. Count on it.

  • If you’ve learned anything from this site – it’s that I deal in misdirection and half-truths. I can’t be bothered with the facts. Besides – a Suplex in a car is just plain funny (and boy, does that bring me back to Prom night.)

    As for the mole – the first lady’s assistant is just a red shirt. If they are going to reveal another mole – it has to be someone much higher on the food chain. You don’t kill Cummings and go down the org chart from there. Follow the money trail. I’m still betting on the VP. I just read that the VP will indeed turn up on screen, played by Ray Wise – who is most notable for playing Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks. Leland was ultimately revealed to be the guy who killed Laura Palmer. That’s all I need to know the VP is bad news.

  • Hey Ed, thanks for saying that my show sucks. Now let me tell you a little story about how I met YOUR MOTHER….

  • Believe what you want… I assure you of this… the plot will turn on an all-out catfight between the first lady and her assistant. At some point the first lady will let all those repressed feelings out and let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be the assistant.