Jukebox Zero

Ed riffs on a guitar controller “I am a Golden God.”

Well, here it is. My inaugural post on this fledgling Blog. Truth be told – I’ve dabbled in these Cyberspace confessionals before – but this here, this is the first time I’ve held squatters rights to the digital domain.

So what can my devoted constituency expect in these pages? The pic above supplies the thousand words. That shot – taken last night as I rocked the Kasbah with the Playstation 2’s Guitar Hero – ought to serve as a fine, fitting preamble.

I have to give credit where credit is due. My pal Mookie (you try launching a serious-minded blog while namedropping ‘Mookie’) – anyway, Mook got bitten by the virtual talent bug a few nights ago when he spied a copy of Karaoke Revolution sitting atop some dude’s PS2 while accompanying his girlfriend at a dinner party. Mook quickly took stock of the situation – this was his inaugural meeting with his girlfriend’s compadres, he had a firm grasp of the old adage ‘second chance’ and ‘first impressions’ – and thus quickly deduced, “Yes! I will kick it, OLD SCHOOL.” Seconds later, the PS2 was fired up and Mook was freestylin’ ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ like it was he who’d be ‘keeping mah baaa-beeeee!”

As he was due to join me at my home for some good old fashioned male bonding (if it’s Saturday night – it must be a Six-Pack and Sabado Gigante.) Mook quickly took control of the situation. He would continue this little game of Fantasy Berklee and pick up Guitar Hero – orchestrating a little meet and greet between his inner Lee Roth and his closeted Van Halen.

Word of warning – if some grizzled man-child comes to your doorway in the dead of night – clutching a 3-Foot Fisher Price Stratocaster tethered to 5-feet of USB cable – RUN YOUR F’N ASS OFF!!! This thing is electric crack.

Guitar Hero – released by Cambridge, MA based Harmonix – and available on the PS2 and X-Box game systems – is a rhythm-based game similar in nature to the popular Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution games. The game comes packed with a Guitar controller (see pic above) which you use to play the ‘chords’ in time with on screen visual prompts. The game is packed with 47 Guitar Anthems – with everyone from Ozzie to Joan Jett to White Zombie represented. You get points for playing well – longest sustained riffs, timely use of whammy bar, etc. This game – as with the aforementioned titles – is perfect for busting out at parties. My wife – who usually deplores games – channeled Joplin – which was a perfect segueway after the unique stylings of Mookie Ramone.

That about wraps things up for Blog – Day 1. Look to these pages for my thoughts on everything pop-culture. Coming up – why this day may be Jack Bauer’s greatest and a Trivia Showdown at the O.K. Corrall!!!

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  • It is “Pop culture.” You know… what dads do in their spare time. While it may not coincide with the trends of the hour, I hear it’s slightly cooler than “Mom culture”